Gen. Wolters remarks during Memorial Day ceremony at Netherlands American Cemetery

By U.S. European Command Public Affairs United States European Command Netherlands American Cemetery May 28, 2020

Your majesty King Willem Alexander, Ambassador Hoekstra, Minister Bijleveld, Admiral Bauer, Mr. Wessels, Mayor Akkermans, and Governor Bovens, and the distinguished citizens of this great nation, and most importantly, to the loved ones of the fallen. It is a distinct privilege to be in your presence, certainly on these hallowed grounds.

Today we pay tribute to our fallen heroes. Here and abroad. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. Their unwavering devotion to their values, continues to strengthen the resolve and demeanor of today’s warriors.

We are tremendously grateful to all of you, who have kept the actions of our fallen alive. The stories, the education sessions, these movements are preserving of the tranquility that we all so adore.

The uncanny relationship between the Dutch people, these heroes that had fallen, their loved ones in this moment, is profound and inspiring.

The American-Dutch bond was forged in the crucible of the Second World War. A war rampant with devastation, destruction, and horrible loss. A war where these heroes fell.

And now, 75 years later, the Second World War, remains a testament to the criticality of preserving peace. To the fallen, our promises we will not forget. We remain deeply and forever grateful. The men and women of your 21stcentury European military will relentlessly preserve the peace that we all o’ so cherish. We are forever in debt of these fallen heroes. Thank you, and may God bless you all.