Where and How to File an Appeal


Administrative Appeal. A request by a member of the general public, made under the FOIA, asking the appellate authority of a DoD Component to reverse a decision:

-to withhold all or part of a requested record.

-to deny a fee category claim by a requester; to deny a request for waiver or reduction of fees.

-to deny a request to review an initial fee estimate.

-to deny a request for expedited processing due to demonstrated compelling need under paragraph C1.5.4.3., DoD 5400.7-R Regulation.

-to confirm that no records were located during the initial search.

-Requesters also may appeal the failure to receive a response determination within the statutory time limits, and any determination that the requester believes is adverse in nature.

*Note: Requesters will be advised of their administrative appeal rights and the appellate process.