How to Make a FOIA Request

Step 1: Preparing your Request

Must be in written format: letter, electronic request form, or email. The preferred method is to submit a FOIA request via the electronic request form. Reasonably describe the record(s) sought that either explicitly or implicitly invokes the FOIA. Such description would help determine if records exist and their location - allowing for a proper search to be conducted in a timely manner.

Indicate a willingness to pay fees associated with the processing of the request or, in the alternative, why a waiver of fees may be appropriate.

Provide a postal mailing address since it may not be practical to provide a substantive response electronically.

*Note: The request is considered properly received, or “perfected”, when the above conditions have been met and the request arrives at the FOIA office of the Component in possession of the records.

Step 2: Submitting Your Request

Submit your request to Headquarters, U.S. European Command via the postal service, the online request form, or by email. You will find this information on the "Point of Contact" page.

*Note: If the records you seek are not held by EUCOM, your request will be forwarded to the appropriate agency as a referral.

Step 3: Processing Your Request

You will receive a response letter acknowledging your request, be provided a FOIA tracking number, and the name and contact information of a FOIA officer. The 20 working-day time limit begins when the activity holding the record(s) receives a “perfected” request. (see Step 1)

Due to shrinking budgets, downsizing, complexity of certain requests, the need for classification and legal review, coupled with the number of requests received for processing, some EUCOM activities may not be able to respond to your FOIA request within 20 working days. To ensure fair and equitable treatment, your request will be placed in a multi-track "first-in, first out" queue; simple, complex or expedited requests.