USEUCOM launches updated Web site

Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Germany -- The United States European Command (USEUCOM), launched its updated customer-friendly Web site today, allowing for an easier and more navigable customer experience.

"The USEUCOM's web site is full of useful information. It is designed with the customer in mind and will leverage the user's ability to answer questions about USEUCOM's mission, and USEUCOM's people, " said Col. Ben W. Weiner, Deputy Director, Public Affairs Directorate.

The revamped site includes much of the same information as the previous site. However, the information has been categorized under four major sections: News, Command, Community and Newcomers.

"The Web site is faster loading, easier to navigate and dedicated to being more customer friendly," said Josie O. Magee, Chief of the Web Services Division, Public Affairs Directorate.

The section devoted to Community is a new category on the site, with information geared towards family and friends, and service members morale and quality of life. The section includes information on employment opportunities, travel and leisure, shopping, and health. It also includes service member information for active duty, reservists, and veterans stationed in the overseas area.

The section devoted to Newcomers was updated to include items helpful to the command's joint Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard service members, civilians, and family members coming to its area of responsibility (AOR). The USEUCOM, a U.S. unified combatant command, has an AOR that covers more than 13 million square miles and includes 91 countries and territories throughout Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Several other countries and territories within Africa and Europe are considered to be part of the command's area of interest.

The Web Services Division, led by Ms. Magee is a newly-assembled, multi-disciplinary organization composed of personnel from the Public Affairs (ECPA) Directorate, and Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems (ECJ6) Directorate. The division reflects a unique approach to managing Web services throughout the Department of Defense, and provides an example of innovation in achieving informational goals and objectives set forth by the command.

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