Algerians Transferred To U.S. Custody

Patch Barracks - Stuttgart Germany, Six Algerian nationals suspected of being terrorists and detained by the government of Bosnia Herzegovina were transferred, today, to United States authorities and transported to a secure location. The United States government requested this after learning that these suspects would be released because law enforcement officials could no longer hold them according to Bosnian law. The United States appreciates the efforts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its law enforcement authorities in this case. The U.S. supports Bosnia and Herzegovina's right and obligation to ensure safety and security within its borders and in this context it may deport foreign nationals whom it deems undesirable. The U.S. has assumed custody of these individuals, whom we suspect to be linked with international terrorism. The authorities of Bosnia Herzegovina (BiH) and United States governments believe that the six detained Algerian nationals still pose a significant threat.

This action is being conducted as part of a larger campaign against global terrorist organizations and as part of a worldwide coalition of nations waging War on Terrorism. The Bosnian Government detained the six Algerians in October on the basis of credible information that these individuals have ties to global terrorist organizations.

We consider it to be in the best safety and security interests of the citizens of Bosnia Herzegovina and the U.S. that these individuals are not at large.

The Bosnian and United States governments do not take actions like this without credible information on terrorist activities or ties. This action is part of an ongoing international effort to rid the world of international terrorists, terrorist cells, and terrorist support organizations. The goal of this operation is to protect the world's citizens from terrorist attacks like the tragedies that occurred in the United States on September 11.

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