Work on Nigerian accident site enters second week

LAGOS, NIGERIA -- U.S. Army explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) experts and Nigerian soldiers have entered their second week of work on the Ikeja Cantonment Area.

As of Wednesday, Mar. 13, the EOD experts working to clear unexploded ordnance on the cantonment area said that they were on schedule and that the work was proceeding according to plan.

To date, the Nigerian and U.S. team has accomplished the following:

They have begun clearing the area around the mosque & football pitch Approximately 900 pieces of unexploded ordnance were destroyed in place with controlled detonations Approximately 850 pieces of unexploded ordnance were taken to an offsite area and destroyed Approximately 1,000 pieces of unexploded ordnance were marked for transport to the offsite area and later demolition Approximately 2,000 pounds of scrap metal was disposed of Nine buildings were cleared of unexploded ordnance Experts estimate that the area adjacent to the mosque will be declared cleared in the next week. They next plan to begin clearing unexploded ordnance on the east side of the former ammunition transfer depot.

Because this area is adjacent to occupied housing, residents in the area may be asked to leave the area for a few hours on certain days. Nigerian authorities will notify affected residents in advance of any requirement to temporarily leave the area. The authorities will make every attempt to minimize inconvenience, but will actively enforce the safety cordon to prevent injury or loss of life for anyone nearby

The controlled detonations required to destroy items of unexploded ordnance determined too dangerous or unstable to handle will continue for the next several weeks. People living in the vicinity of Ikeja should expect to hear these small detonations on weekdays between the hours of 9 AM and 1 PM.

As has been previously announced, all people living in the area around Ikeja, especially parents, are reminded to look out for and stay away from any suspicious objects. If suspicious objects are found, they should report the hazard to the authorities as soon as possible.

In order to ensure the safety of themselves and the residents near Ikeja, the U.S. EOD experts remind everyone to stay out of the area. The Nigerian Army has established a cordon around the hazard zone and no one should attempt to enter it. Members of the Nigerian military will man this cordon and will actively prevent persons from entering.

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