Commander's Priorities

Vision: USEUCOM is a combat-ready, war-fighting theater that is postured, relevant and ready. We are united with our Allies and partners, prepared to execute the full range of combined and Joint military operations, and capable of delivering decisive battle space effects, at speed, and in all domains.

Mission: USEUCOM executes a full range of multi-domain operations in coordination with Allies and partners to support NATO, deter Russia, assist in the defense of Israel, enable global operations, and counter trans-national threats in order to defend the Homeland forward and fortify Euro-Atlantic security. Should deterrence fail, USEUCOM is prepared to fight alongside Allies and partners to prevail in any conflict.

Our Priorities:

  1. Constantly improve the war-fighting readiness of our Joint Force
  2. Strengthen solidarity and unity with our Allies and partners
  3. Foster a highly-motivated Team of Patriots