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The United States seeks to encourage reforms in Azerbaijan that promote regional security, the development of key democratic institutions and processes, and sustainable economic growth.

In July 1992, Azerbaijan ratified the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) -- placing limits on key categories of conventional military equipment and provides for the destruction of weaponry in excess of those limits. It has also become a non-nuclear weapons state through the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Azerbaijan participates in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's (NATO) Partnership for Peace, and maintains a presence of more than 90 troops in Afghanistan. Azerbaijan also maintained a peacekeeping deployment in Iraq until November 2008.

The Departments of Defense and State work with Azerbaijan’s security forces to provide training and equipment in priority areas, including maritime security in the Caspian Sea and NATO interoperability. Security assistance works to enhance Azerbaijan’s ability to contribute more effectively to international efforts on peacekeeping, counterterrorism, combating weapons of mass destruction, nonproliferation and counternarcotics. Additionally, Azerbaijan allows overflights and land routes to Afghanistan for military and commercial purposes, in addition to the troops deployed there.

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