Remarks by Lt. Gen. Tim Ray, deputy commander, at the Port of Bremerhaven, Germany Jan. 8, 2017
Lt. Gen. Tim Ray, deputy commander, U.S. European Command comments, as delivered.

On behalf of the U.S. European Command Commander, General Curtis Scaparrotti, I would like to thank you for coming out here to see the United States’ continued commitment to Operation Atlantic Resolve and our commitment to Europe.

I’d also like to thank our German Allies and all those who had a role in building the logistics network to move our military equipment from Bremerhaven to Poland. The infrastructure in Western Europe is one of the keys to the Alliance’s success in ensuring deterrence.

Although General Scaparrotti was unable to attend, please know that the European Command is committed to ensuring regional responsiveness and security with highly capable forces and equipment like you see here today.  I can assure you, this equipment does not stand alone—it is integrated and combined with forces and other equipment in space, cyberspace, the air and sea, and especially with our allies and partners.

With this equipment stands a joint persistent rotational presence of American land, sea and air forces in the region, especially in Central and Eastern Europe as a show of support to our Allies and in response to Russia’s actions in the Ukraine.  

The deployment of this 4,000-person-battle-ready Armored Brigade Combat Team is just one aspect of the United States’ pledge to demonstrate our rock-solid commitment to Europe.  

Let me be very clear, this is an important part of our continued effort to deter Russian aggression, ensure the territorial integrity of our Allies and maintain a Europe that is whole, free, prosperous, and at peace.

We are invested.  From infrastructure upgrades across the continent to airfields and ranges, we’re also prepositioning supplies and equipment, and exercising with our Allies and partners.  We will also increase the scope and complexity of many exercises in our portfolio focusing on joint interoperability, missile defense and crisis response operations.
Since the end of the Cold War, United States forces were postured in Europe for assurance focusing on crisis management, training and enhancing our military to military relationships.  We had time to bring our forces to readiness and respond to crisis; that may not be the case today. European security is a global interest and is absolutely essential to American security.

These rotational forces and the equipment you see here today provide one flexible and responsive option for deterrence.  Make no mistake, the United States stands solidly with our European Allies.  

U.S. European Command is in transition.  The strategic environment is changing rapidly across Europe; from Russia’s military operations in Ukraine to the migrant flow from Syria and further radicalism as evidenced by the December Berlin attack; our almost 70,000 service members in Europe are focused on these dynamic changes.
My sincere thanks to all who helped make this event a success… thank you.  I will now turn this over to General McGuire for his remarks…

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