Personnel Resources

Working and living at an overseas command can bring on new challenges as well as opportunities, and one of the biggest challenges is just knowing where to find information and resources when you need them. For the greater EUCOM family, there a plethora of resources, such as the Army Community Service, Child Youth Services, or the Garrison to help you with housing, child care, mental health services and other support mechanisms. Additionally myriad opportunities await you—whether your interests run along the lines of athletics, road trips and outdoor recreation or movies, theatre and crafts.

Whether you are looking to make your transition to EUCOM life easier as a newcomer or you can’t remember how to access services that you’ve only just heard of, hopefully we have provided a link here to make your life while at EUCOM easier.

In this section:

Civilian Furlough

Information about sequestration and the resulting civilian furlough.

Volunteer Internship Program (EVIP)

Headquarters United States European Command (HQ USEUCOM) offers volunteer opportunities to students enrolled in an accredited trade school, college and/or university. These opportunities allow students to explore career options in their field of study and develop personal and professional skills.

Newcomers’ Orientation Program

EUCOM headquarters has an orientation program to help newly assigned personnel understand the command’s organization, policies, processes and staff tools.

Sponsor Program

The sponsorship program is designed to integrate incoming personnel and their families into the military unit and community.

Stuttgart Area Resources

Links to resources provided by US military and other web sites to support American service members living in Europe.

Quality of Life

Quality of Life programs are critical to readiness and retention and to ensure service members stay focused on the mission.

Reserve Opportunities

Contacts for reservists who want to work at EUCOM


Links to EUCOM intranet web sites and information about how to obtain access to them.