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Flag of Slovakia

Capital: Bratislava
Area: 49,035 sq km
Comparative area: about twice the size of New Hampshire
Population (July 2011 estimate): 5,477,038
Official language: Slovak
State Partner: Indiana
International Organizations and Agreements: NATO, European Union, United Nations, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), World Trade Organization (WTO)

Slovakia and the United States retain strong diplomatic ties and cooperate in the military and law enforcement areas. The U.S. Department of Defense and the Slovak Armed Forces have partnered together to attain significant military reforms and achieve Slovakia's admission to NATO.

The armed forces of the Slovak Republic number about 14,000 uniformed personnel and are made up of Land Forces, Air and Air Defense Forces, and a Joint Training and Support Command. The Ministry of Defense plans to complete a strategic defense review in 2011 and begin restructuring the armed forces throughout 2012 and 2013; anticipated changes include consolidated headquarters, fewer facilities, and upgraded Air and Air Defense Forces. The armed forces are the most respected national institution according to recent opinion polling. Slovakia deploys soldiers in missions worldwide under NATO, UN, and EU commands.

There are numerous arrangements in effect with Slovakia including Status of Forces Agreement, Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement, and memoranda of understanding for Ramstein Air Base support and the use of Slovak training ranges and areas.

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Capt. Barbara Bujak, physical therapist at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, speaks in her native tongue, Polish, with members of Multinational Battle Group East's Polish Contingent and European Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo. Bujak, who was born in Poland, moved to the U.S. at age 11 and joined the U.S. Army five years ago. Bujak's temporary assignment at Camp Bondsteel allowed her to experience a familiar ceremony in a new location.

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Brigadier Gen. Bruce Crawford meets with members of the Baltic and Ukrainian delegations March 27, 2014, to discuss cyber defense topics at the Combined Endeavor Main Planning Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria. General Crawford and attending delegates discussed how the investment in Combined Endeavor over the past 20 years could add value back to today’s operations as we continue to plan for tomorrow’s challenges. April 2, 2014Assuring our allies through investment in Europe's regional cyber, C4 interoperability Twenty-nine nations and three international organizations participated in the Combined Endeavor Main Planning Conference. The conference deliverables assisted in designing a mission network that utilized an interoperable “bring your own devices model” and ensured the international coalition audience was able to participate. Ultimately, the mission network contributed toward constructing an exercise operational scenario across land, air and cyberspace domains.
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February 9, 2014USEUCOM State Partnership ProgramThe United States European Command State Partnership Program (EUCOM SPP) is a National Guard program that links U.S. States with partner countries in the European Theater for the purpose of supporting the security cooperation objectives of United States European Command (EUCOM). 65 Partnerships exist worldwide and 22 Partnerships exist with former Soviet, Yugoslav and Warsaw Pact countries in the EUCOM Area of Responsibility. The program is a component of the larger (global) State Partnership Program, which oversees the program of each of the six geographic Combatant Commands.
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