Transparency at European Command
Well, the United States military continues to amaze me on the social media scene  

Maj. Kristi Beckman is the Chief of Social Media for European Command Public Affairs

Well, the United States military continues to amaze me on the social media scene as we are marching forward into this wonderful new realm of communication and we’re having a blast…well, at least I am anyway! 

There have been some great strides made by our friends throughout the military to include the International Security Assistance Force, who just revamped their Web site to open up the social media channels.  Also, Incirlik Air Base is charging forward as well by getting their name in the Facebook and Twitter arenas.  Do any of you know what the George C. Marshall Center is?  Check out their Vlog about their social media endeavors.  And more and more military units are jumping on the bandwagon as well. 

The people European Command is reaching, the people we’re having two-way conversation with and the people who are showing interest are different than any of the folks we would have ever talked with before.  That’s the fun part.  It’s exciting to be able to make these connections and share our mission with so many different people throughout the world. 

In my last blog, I touched on what I believe are the three key steps that we all should take in establishing ourselves through social media.  Most importantly however, you must have a goal for what you hope to accomplish. 

EUCOM’s social media goal is to be transparent.  More specifically, our mission is to “Convey transparency, credibility and knowledge to establish relationships and followers in the cyber realm.” 

We’re hoping our Web site allows for that transparency with our blogs, our news stories, our tweets, our social media links to include Facebook, You tube, Flickr and Linked-In

So, are we transparent?

We’d love to get feedback on what you think about our site and what you’d like to see that we’re not doing. Be honest and critique us. We can take it!

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