U.S. Marines participate in EUCOM deployment rehearsal

STUTTGART, Germany - U.S. Marines assigned to Commander Sixth Fleet will participate in a deployment rehearsal to Kosovo to demonstrate the U.S. and NATO commitment to maintaining peace in the region and the capability to rapidly reinforce NATO forces.

The command deployment rehearsal is a training event directed by the U.S. European command (USEUCOM). The main objective is to validate strategic, operational and tactical concepts for the deployment of the U.S. component to the NATO strategic reserve force (SRF).

The deployment demonstrates NATO resolve to maintain a secure environment and deter external aggression. It also demonstrates the capability to halt external forces that threaten the peace and stability of the region or the people of Kosovo. Approximately seven hundred U.S. Marines from the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) embarked aboard USS Kearsarge, USS Ponce, and USS Carter hall will deploy to Kosovo to support task force falcon and will conduct training missions in support of operation joint guardian.

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