U.S. Department of Defense launches Rewards Program in BiH

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - The United States Department of Defense launches an advertising campaign for their Rewards Program. The program is part of the United States efforts to support the Global War on Terrorism. The Rewards Program encourages the citizens of BiH to provide information on terrorist activities for monetary rewards from the United States government. The government of Bosnia and Herzegovina is making significant contributions in supporting both counter terrorism at home and the Global War on Terrorism. By supporting the Rewards Program, local citizens can support the rule of law and significantly contribute to the security and safety of their loved ones, friends, and fellow citizens. The presence of international terrorists and their supporters in Bosnia and Herzegovina are a threat to the country's stability and growth, and must be taken seriously by all law biding citizens as it is throughout international community. Terrorism can be defeated if people act.

The advertising campaign includes TV commercials, radio commercials, and billboards. Rewards Program advertising was created by the Sarajevo based advertising agency Boram. The commercial illustrates that a terrorist can look like anyone and live anywhere, but their actions are dangerous to everyone. The U.S. Department of Defense urges anyone with information on terrorists or their activities, to call 033-49-49-49.

Information provided by a BiH citizen, as well as his or her identity, will be protected with the strictest confidence and United States government officials will follow up on information provided. The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina can make a positive difference in their own country by just calling and providing any information that contributes to the defeat of terrorism and a safe and secure homeland for their children.

For further information contact: USNIC 033-49-49-49

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