Key Activities
Since the end of World War II, the United States has worked closely with European allies and partners to achieve security and stability. These are some of the ongoing key exercises, operations, and programs within our Area of Responsibility (AOR), as well as important oversight activities, and featured events.
OBERSALZBERG, Germany -- Robert Dutil, John Keller and John Miller and Dutil's daughter, Jane, wait for the start of the commemoration flag raising ceremony May 5. Two of the three veterans, Keller and Miller, were here 66 years before when the 3rd Infantry Division originally raised the flag. Mr. Dutil was recovering from injuries in a hosptial at the time. (Department of Defense Photo/Jason Tudor)
EUCOM plays a key role in several annual events - including Memorial Day and D-Day commemorations - and other activities with global interest or impact. This section highlights those events as they happen.
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