Polish leaders explore EUCOM operations

STUTTGART, Germany — In a visit here this week, Polish senior leaders toured select U.S. European Command facilities as a means of researching how the U.S. conducts military operations.

The group consisted of Polish LTG Henryk Tacik, commander of Operations Command; Polish MG Jan Kempara, chief of special operations division; BG Krysztof Zaleski, chief of the Polish planning center, and staff members. They met with EUCOM senior leaders and staff members to view and discuss how the EUCOM Plans and Operations Center (EPOC) and associated organizations perform operations. The EPOC serves as a standing joint forces headquarters, directing missions throughout a 91-country theater.

"Poland is creating a new organization called the Operations Command, which is envisioned to perform similar duties as the EPOC," said Army LTC Brian Leatherwood, EPOC representative.

During the tour, the teams shared information on the EPOC's organization, command and control processes, and interaction with other operations centers in EUCOM. The group also visited Special Operations Command Europe and discussed special operations forces command and control issues.

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