Germersheim Army Depot home to new distribution center

GERMERSHEIM ARMY DEPOT, Germany -- Navy Rear Adm. Michael Lyden (center), U.S. European Command logistics and securities assistance director, officially opens the Theater Consolidation and Shipping Point, Europe during a ribbon cutting ceremony here Oct. 2, 2006. Accompanying Lyden, from left to right, are Hilliard Reese, Brig. Gen. Michael Lalley, Brig. Gen. Yves Fontaine, Brig. Gen. Phillip Thorpe, Col. Lynn Collyar and Lt. Col. Lance Koenig, the commander of the new processing center. The facility relocates joint theater distribution missions from the Theater Distribution Center,Kaiserslautern, and the Air Mobility Command Terminal, Ramstein Air Base, merging them with the existing capabilities of Defense Logistics Agency's Defense Distribution Depot, Europe. (Department of Defense photo)

GERMERSHEIM ARMY DEPOT, Germany — The U.S. European Command's Theater Consolidation and Shipping Point, Europe was officially opened during a ribbon cutting ceremony here Oct. 2, 2006.

The new facility is responsible for the rapid segregation, sorting, and consolidation of multiple consignee shipments from a range of sources and delivery to the customer.

Army Lt. Col. Lance R. Koenig, commander of the new facility, says that the processing point will ultimately provide effective, efficient and innovative support to the warfighter. "In layman's terms, the TCSP(E) receives all air pallets arriving to Ramstein and terminating in the EUCOM area of responsibility as well as sea-van containers arriving in Rotterdam containing materiel for multiple customers," said Koenig. "We then sort, re-pack, and ship to customers throughout Europe."

The facility is a component of the Defense Logistics Agency's Defense Distribution Center and supports all Defense Department activities in Europe.

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by Tony Zuvich on January 2, 2012 :

I was stationed at Germershiem in 1958. At that time there was one company of US soldiers,(37th Ordinance Co ), one small medic bldg, a PX that had a few items, old and new military vehicles, 105's. Things have sure changed

by Henry ( Hank) Citti on July 12, 2012 :

I was stationed in Germershiem 1954-1957. A lot of used military vehicles and not too much else. First winetr there was old barracks. Thin walls , 3 coal stoves and =20 outside. had to walk to the showers and latrine

by eDWIN lOWE on August 8, 2012 :

I was storage mister with 4th CEC 1984 to 1994. Sure has changed. Miss the good people.

by Dean Johnson on August 21, 2012 :

I grew up in Karlsruhe and my father, Rufus Johnson, worked at Germersheim from 1965-1990, when he passed away. He was Chief of Logistics. My mother, Carmen Johnson, worked for the 4th CEC until from around 1977-1990. I worked as a summer student hire my senior year in high school and first three years in college, when I came back home for the Summer. Germersheim was an interesting place...

by Renate Herodes on November 13, 2012 :

hello Dean, I know Your Mother Carmen. Iworked with her in the same office. She was my friend. A very, very nice person. After that I worked für Your father. I remem ber him as a strict, but fair boss. Please send me the adress from your mother, so I can write here. Renate

by Renate Herodes on November 14, 2012 :

I worked for the 4th CEC from 1977-1980. In the same office as Carmen Johnson. She was a very good friend of mine. After that I worked with Chief Johnson at the Property Book. I remember him as a strikt but fair boss.

by Dwight Stevens on February 1, 2013 :

I was stationed at the depot/2/67ADA 76-78 lived in a pent house with two german girls, college students. Loved my tour.

by Christian Schliwski on May 28, 2013 :

I grew up in Germersheim and worked for the 4th CEC as summer hire several months in 1983. I worked at the "big - O" in a warehouse and I remember the German supervisors names, Mr. Loesch and Mr. Lino Valerio from Bellheim. There also worked a pretty girl named Heike, an Italian guy "Vincenzo", and a guy from Labor Service, Mr. Neumann. Dean, I think I do remember your mother but I am not sure. Good old times...

by George Van Heel on June 6, 2013 :

I was station at the depot from 1976 to 1979 at A/depot/2/67 ADA but made so many friends. Tour was great and everyone was friendly.

by francis j. kuhn on June 16, 2013 :

I WAS STATIONED IN GERMERSHIEMM 1955 to 1957 when it was a small ex, I believe German air port we had tanks 1/2tracks a small medecial building, had contract Bulgrains guard around the fence surrounding the base, what I remember the most was the amount of tires we had and breaking them down. what I liked the most was how close it was to the town of Gemershiem what I remember that there was a gashouse in the towm owned by frau Hoffman I Remember the River rats, that controlled the swing bridge. I remember Henery Citi and another guy Red glennen. I have fond thoughts of Germershiem Hey Citi I am the guy you almost made a girl buy kicking my man parts when you was drunk on the good German beer. REMEMBER how cold it was in the winter in the wood baracks? I have been back and the whole place has changed, to the good they say I was going to live in Germershiem but was not the same.I was transfered to Verdun France and I hated it and got out in late 58. [abriged]

by francis kuhn on June 23, 2013 :

hey Renate is this your married last name? I knew a girl named Renate when I was in Germershien she lived on an insel in in the southern part of Germany

by gunzo feemster on July 1, 2013 :

I was stationed in germershein, Germany in 1974-1976 4th combat equip. company

by Russ Christensen on September 18, 2013 :

Hi Francis and Hank. My father PFC Hubert Christensen was stationed at Germersheim in 1956-1957. In addition to supply duties he worked in the photo lab and was on the marksman team. I am headed to Germany this weekend and plan to visit Germersheim and Munchweiler where I was born.

by Benjamin Norris on October 10, 2013 :

I worked at The GERM from Apr 1993 until Feb 1998 in Troop Issue. I loved working their and the great people that I had the pleasure to work with. Mr Arthur Eschenbach Director Marilyn Druckenmuller. Daryl Smith, and Curtis Norwood just to name a few. I miss THE GERM very much, would'nt trade the experience for nothing in the world. Benjamin R. Norris Transportation Specialist USAF.

by Tim Scully on October 11, 2013 :

Germershiem was my first duty station in the Army. I was there from March 1969 to Aug. 1969. Unit was the 622 HMS Co. I remember listening to the first moon landing there at the fire station by the EM Club. There was a missil battery there. I worked in the Big O. Had a lot of fun in town at the disco type bars. Loved it there.

by Anthony Mccall on October 24, 2013 :

I was station at the depot from 1979-82 love everything about the area and people. Open my eyes to a world unknown coming from NYC.Never stop thing about the place and people. Barbra,Dagmar V

by Barbara Robertson on January 9, 2014 :

I worked for GAD first starting in 1968. I worked for Comptroller, Maintenance Quality Control, PT&I and then for the "Big O'. After that I spent a few years for 4thCEC working for Chief Smith. I was married in the small chapel there. It was a great place to be stationed. We stopped by in September 2013 during my last trip to Germany and things have changed a lot.

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