"Eyes, Ears, and Conscience." U.S. European Command Deputy Commander swears in Inspectors General

STUTTGART, Germany — Navy Vice Adm. Richard Gallagher, U.S. European Command (USEUCOM) Deputy Commander (left), administers the Inspector General oath to the USEUCOM Inspector General staff. From left, Army Col. Mike Anderson, Air Force Lt. Col David Cienski, Navy Chief Warrant Officer Rob Randall, Navy Lt. Cmdr. Kevin Mickey, Mr. Bud Walker, Mr. Don Keeler and Mr. Joe Perez. Gallagher administered the oath to Anderson and his Inspectors General acknowledging the special obligations and responsibilities the group has for reporting on the state of the discipline, morale, training and readiness of USEUCOM. (Department of Defense photo by Navy Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Dana M. Clark)

STUTTGART, Germany — Army Col. Mike Anderson and the rest of his Inspector General (IG) staff were re-administered an IG oath, as U.S. European Command (USEUCOM)Inspectors General, during a brief ceremony here Dec. 13, 2007.

Navy Vice Adm. Richard Gallagher, USEUCOM Deputy Commander, administered the Inspector General oath to Anderson, the principal IG, and to his IG office.

"IG's work directly for both the commander and deputy commander; the oath ceremony with a new deputy commander is a visible reminder to all of the special obligations and responsibility we bear," said Anderson.

Gallagher told his Inspectors General that they are essential parts of the USEUCOM team and that the oath signifies their importance in reporting on the discipline, morale, efficiency, and readiness of the command.

"You have a great responsibility to go out and do what is right - and to do it in a way that is respectful to all those you meet in your duties," Gallager said.

"The days of the black hat Inspectors General are past, and frankly, you do a better job for the commander and me when you treat people as you would wish to be treated," he added.

Anderson noted that their office motto is "Here to help the team," meaning that he and his office are there to help all members of the USEUCOM team - military, civilian, and family members.

"We are also responsible for telling the commander and deputy commander something they may not know, but should," Anderson added.

The USEUCOM IG supports the Command’s Strategy of Active Security by promoting the unique U.S. military Inspector General system as a “soft power,” Theater Security Cooperation, anti-corruption, outreach model. They have enjoyed recent success exposing the model to Eurasian and Balkan militaries and will also focus on African militaries in 2008.

"Our U.S. IG model is exportable; it focuses on the professional, right ways of doing business. Just like our nation's first IG, Maj. Gen. Von Steuben advising Gen. Washington and assessing the Continental Army, an IG is a commander's tool for addressing ill-discipline and checking adherence to standards. In USEUCOM we want to proactively champion this IG philosophy to developing militaries," Anderson said.

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