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The Ukrainian government has stated that it intends to pursue European integration, while also improving relations with Russia and strengthening its strategic partnership with the United States. Ukraine maintains peaceful and constructive relations with all its neighbors, though there are some unresolved maritime and border issues.

The United States attaches great importance to the success of Ukraine's transition to a democratic state with a flourishing market economy and U.S. policy remains centered on realizing and strengthening a democratic, prosperous, and secure Ukraine more closely integrated into Europe and Euro-Atlantic structures. U.S. assistance to Ukraine is targeted to promote political, security, and economic reform and to address urgent social and humanitarian needs.

The U.S.-Ukraine Charter on Strategic Partnership highlights the importance of the bilateral relationship and outlines enhanced cooperation in the areas of defense, security, economics and trade, energy security, democracy, and cultural exchanges. The Charter also emphasizes the continued commitment of the United States to support enhanced engagement between NATO and Ukraine.

The Ukrainian military participates in various exercises with the U.S. including Rapid Trident, Sea Breeze and Immediate Response; hosts U.S. Navy ship visits; participates in numerous conferences and seminars; and joins U.S. forces in a variety of operations including Kosovo Forces and Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom.

For more information on U.S. activities please visit U.S. Embassy Kyiv's website at

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