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U.S.-German relations have been a focal point of American involvement in Europe since the end of World War II. Germany stands at the center of European affairs and is a key partner in U.S. relations with Europeans in NATO and the European Union.

US-German policy continues to focus on the close relationship between the two nations, not only as friends and trading partners, but also as military allies sharing common institutions. In NATO, the US and Germany work side by side to maintain and build peace and freedom throughout Europe and the world, working closely in such area as Balkans and Afghanistan. Germany is a key ally in the war against terrorism.

U.S. and German troops work together effectively in NATO and UN operations worldwide due in part to the joint training and capacity-building performed at U.S. military installations in Germany. Germany has been an integral part of the UN-mandated International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan since its establishment in 2002. Germany is the third-largest troop contributor with 5,000-plus troops and commands the entire ISAF northern region. Germany deployed AWACs air crews to Afghanistan in April 2011 to enable other allies’ resources and personnel for NATO operations in Libya. With more than 1,000 troops on the ground, Germany is the largest contributor to international peacekeeping operations in Kosovo. German and American maritime forces are also deployed to combat piracy off the Horn of Africa.

There are a significant number of U.S. military forces stationed in Germany with U.S. European Command, U.S. African Command, and their component commands. There are Defense Acquisition, Cross-Servicing and Status of Forces Agreements in place.

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